A Journey to Health and Wellness

15 February

Focusing on a healthy nutrition is a universal concern that transcends geographical boundaries, including Australia. In a country known for its diverse landscapes and unique wildlife, maintaining good nutrition is essential for overall well-being....[Read More]

10 benefits of Yoga and Pilates for people of all ages

8 February

Yoga and Pilates offer numerous benefits for people of all ages, including those leading into and during retirement.   Improved Flexibility: Both Yoga and Pilates involve stretching exercises that can help improve flexibility. This is particularly...[Read More]

‘The perfect gift’: thousands wanted in Xmas blood push

20 December

Thousands of blood donors are being urged to roll up their sleeves and give the gift of life over the Christmas period. An extra 830 donations per day are needed nationwide between Friday and the start of January to meet hospital demand, Australian...[Read More]

Festive cheer can bring stress for overwhelmed Aussies

20 December

Every year, Australians are bombarded with a sleigh-full of commercials showing well-behaved families sitting down to the ideal Christmas lunch. The fact not every family lives up to such expectations means more Australians feeling let down or...[Read More]

Why taking a break during the festive season is important

14 December

There are countless countdowns everywhere, whether it’s for Christmas or the new year, and yet, when the festive season happens, it always comes as a bit of a surprise.   Some people experience a touch of panic and get lost in the holiday rush....[Read More]

Activity levels linked to lower breast cancer risk

13 December

Being more active could reduce the risk of women developing breast cancer before menopause, a study has suggested. Researchers analysed data based on the amount of exercise women reported doing during leisure time – such as walking, cycling or...[Read More]

Reversing ‘zombie’ brain fog after COVID-19 infection

22 November

Scientists have uncovered how to reverse the ageing effects of ‘zombie’ cells in COVID-19 patients, sparking fresh hope the findings could be used in Alzheimer’s research. Senescent cells, also known as zombie cells, occur naturally as people...[Read More]

Jump in women diagnosed with under-recognised condition

27 September

There has been a jump in Australian women living with endometriosis and more patients are being diagnosed at an earlier age. About one in seven women aged between 44 and 49 have the inflammatory disease, the Australian Institute of Health and...[Read More]

Treating hypertension into old age lowers dementia risk

20 September

Over-60s who receive treatment for high blood pressure are substantially less likely to develop dementia than those who go untreated, according to a study. Researchers at the University of NSW have found treating hypertension over the age of 60...[Read More]

Microgreens, mature veg may both limit weight: study

23 August

Microgreens and mature vegetables may both be effective for weight control, while the immature plants are also richer in some nutrients, research suggests. Microgreens – older than vegetable sprouts but younger than baby greens – have been...[Read More]