Following the money, not hot air, for more wind farms

19 June

Australia’s green bank is helping to fast-track construction of the nation’s largest wind farm to decarbonise the electricity grid, despite political squabbling. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) on Wednesday announced a further $127.5...[Read More]

Challenge worth $100m aims to lower solar energy cost

19 June

Solar innovators, engineers and developers are being invited to pitch their ideas to lower the cost of renewable energy to claim part of a $100 million fund. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency launched the global competition, called the Solar...[Read More]

Electric cars are not the only fix for green transport

12 June

Australia can’t rely entirely on electric vehicles to reduce transport emissions to safe levels and governments must pursue other ways to cut pollution from the sector. Monash University’s Climateworks Centre made the finding in modelling...[Read More]

Oh what a feeling! Toyota petrol cars end of the road

12 June

Nine popular vehicles will no longer be sold as petrol cars in Australia after Toyota announced plans to move to more environmentally friendly technology. The major automaker revealed the change on Wednesday, announcing that customer demand for...[Read More]

How green is your transport? Uber to rate your rides

5 June

Uber will soon score you on more than just conversational skills, also taking into account the environmental credentials of the cars you hail. The tech giant revealed plans on Tuesday to launch a feature giving riders a glimpse into the carbon...[Read More]

Communities divided over renewable energy development

5 June

Older people may have doubts as the renewable energy rollout gathers pace, but polling shows most Australians favour the climate benefits and lower electricity prices ahead of any development impact. A study released on Monday found Labor voters...[Read More]

Google links solar farm deal to help big data go green

20 December

A business-critical data centre specialist and a global renewable energy provider are teaming up with tech giant Google to build new generation capacity in Australia’s energy grid. Data centre firm AirTrunk, Swedish energy giant OX2 and Google on...[Read More]

‚ÄėCrucial‚Äô research funding to end plastics, cut methane

13 December

Two new research centres will share $127 million to eliminate plastic waste and slash toxic emissions from livestock in a bid to avoid failure on climate targets. “There are very few challenges more crucial than achieving net zero emissions and...[Read More]

Clean energy superpower status remains work in progress

13 December

Extra billions have been committed to ‚Äúrenewable superpower‚ÄĚ status in a federal budget update as Australia tries to keep its climate commitments and control rising power bills. The update released by Treasurer Jim Chalmers on Wednesday said the...[Read More]

Community groups power the switch to renewable energy

6 December

Australia’s community groups produced enough renewable energy in a year to power 2800 households or remove the equivalent of 7700 cars from the roads, a study has revealed. The Community Energy Collective Impact report, released on Wednesday, also...[Read More]