VIDEO: Reducing inheritance taxes on super

5 June

Unfortunately many people do not know that adult children can typically pay up to 17% tax on inheriting superannuation from their parents. This can add of up to tens of thousands of dollars in tax. Craig discusses a strategy he uses to reduce...[Read More]

VIDEO: Craig discusses investing ethically within your super

4 April

In this video, Craig discusses how to add an ethical approach to your investments within your superannuation.

What gets measured gets managed

7 March

Craig discusses the importance of tracking progress against your goals, plus overviews the tools and systems he uses to help him and his clients make financial planning decisions.

VIDEO: Keys to a Successful Retirement

7 February

Craig Meathrel has been enjoying reading the book 'Keys to a Successful Retirement' which covers a number of non-financial suggestions to get the most out of retirement. In this video Craig covers some of the tips he found most useful or...[Read More]

VIDEO: Craig discusses his key takeaways from the October 2022 Federal Budget

31 October

Craig overviews the four announcements in the 2022 Federal Budget that he feels are most relevant to over 55s.

VIDEO: Craig discusses dealing with market volatility and preserving the longevity of your retirement capital

3 November

Seeing your investments fall during market turmoil can result in sleepless nights. This video is a reminder of the benefits of thinking long term, plus Craig outlines how Strategiq Wealth builds investment portfolios to get through short term...[Read More]

Carry-forward unused concessional contributions

31 October

I have discussed this topic in one of my own videos but thought I'd share an alternative video by Colonial First State. It explains the carry-forward unused concessional contributions strategy, or more simply put, ‘catch up concessional...[Read More]

VIDEO – Craig’s video message for August 2022

1 August

Welcome to Strategiq Insights for August. Unfortunately 2022 has been a tough year for investing with volatile markets and a dramatic increase in the cost of living... [video width="1280" height="720"...[Read More]

VIDEO: Craig discusses the super changes coming from 1 July 2022

4 July

The start of the financial year brings changes to superannuation rules. This video explores some of the keys changes, including one that might be worth thousands to those aged 67 to 74.

VIDEO: Reduce tax and boost super via Spouse and Government Co-Contributions

6 June

With the end of the financial year nearly upon us, there is potential to reduce your tax and build your super. This video explores Spouse contributions and the Government Co-Contribution as a potential end of financial year strategy to grow your...[Read More]